Every call is important
when its business

When every call is important,
quality counts.

RIPDialer connects every time, is always crystal clear and calls can be made anywhere, even whilst on the move. Designed by a mobile operator, RIPDialer is a non-VoIP service utilising the mobile network to carry calls at the highest quality, with no drops, fuzz, or lag and allowing you to call from anywhere and continue the call even while travelling.

RIPDialer provides the missing
link for BYOD.

Use your preferred phone for both work and personal life.

Ditch that second phone and make and receive calls via any of your phone numbers. Use your main business number, a personal business number, a departmental number or overseas number and never worry about having to wait to get to the office to make that important call.

An end to bill disputes.

Separate personal and business calls with ease.

The service has been tailored to allow users to continue to make personal calls via their SIM card and work related calls via RIPDialer. The system cleverly distinguishes between personal and business contacts making calls across the correct network using the right number. All RIPDialer calls are separately billed ensuring end of month disputes are a thing of the past.

New phone numbers
instantly configured.

Numbers for any purpose available immediately

Choose a number from any city in over 50 countries at an incredibly low monthly line rental and the RIPDialer system will automatically configure it to allow you to make and receive calls instantly. Use a fixed line number to enhance your business, expand your area of operation, extend your services or to simply separate your work and personal life.

The perfect solution for
every entrepreneur.

Different numbers for each of your businesses

With RIPDialer you´ll not only know who is calling you but for which business prior to answering the call helping you establish credibilityand maintain a professional image. Simply add numbers to your phone and make calls from any of them wherever and whenever and all from your one mobile phone.

Lose the desk phone - it´s just
tying you down.

No need for a desk phone when you have RIPDialer on your mobile.

Out of the box RIPDialer gives you the ability to make and receive calls from multiple numbers. It helps manage your contacts and gives you instant Voicemail and DoNotDisturb functionality. Unlike a desk phone you can make and receive calls on behalf of the business wherever you are and even transfer calls to colleagues all while on the move.

Extend RIPDialer throughout your
entire business or organisation.

Convert your personal pre-pay account to a business account.

RIPDialer is available for any size business on a contract basis with a set of enhanced features like extension to extension dialing, contact hot keys, call transfer, calll recording and a full range of phone system services. Upgrades are simple with no downtime and amalgamates all users on to one simple bill.

Massive savings and
greater efficiency.

RIPDialer - you´ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

When you factor in all the elements, no second phone or contract, no desk phone, cabling, additional internet connection or maintenance, low cost phone line rental, low cost phone system rental, and the ability to make and receive calls anywhere, anytime you´ll quickly see how enormous the benefits really are.

Download and start using today.