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The Flexephone tax efficient platform provides a far more cost & operationally effective approach to business mobile phones than any traditional offering. It instantly provides the missing link for anyone wanting to use their personal mobile phone for work, by allowing them to call, message and SMS from their work phone number(s), whilst keeping their personal mobile number completely private, even from work colleagues.

Organisations gain tremendous advantages, removing the cost of smartphones from their telecoms budget, the end of month invoicing nightmares and increasing business efficiency.

Flexephone allows employees to select the latest smartphone at reduced pricing from a tax efficient platform or use their existing smartphone for both work and personal purposes. The personal sim is retained and billed via the employees mobile operator as normal, whilst all business activities are managed through the Flexephone service and billed directly to the employer in an itemised invoice.

Get started Now:
  • Choose to use Flexephone
  • Agree which handsets should be included
  • Authorise employees to use the scheme
  • Monitor employee activation
  • Receive NI and VAT refunds

How it Works:
  • Employees simply choose a new handset of choice
  • The reduced price of the handset is paid from PAYE over 24 months
  • Full loss and breakage insurance is included
  • Employee slips existing personal SIM in to new phone
  • Employee activates SIM on Flexephone service

The Essentials:
  • Works on any network
  • No need to change mobile operator
  • Keep existing phone number
  • No emails, Pins, or account settings
  • Up and running in less than 60 seconds
  • Separates Personal and Work communications
  • No need to renew existing business contracts