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Cloud PC - Your Virtual Desktop

Work from Anywhere, Anytime at Lightning Speed

Totally Secure - Fully Scaleable - Highly Cost Effective

No hardware to maintain or update and your workplace is instantly and always available, from any device and no matter where you are. Your Cloud Desktop is your entire PC moved onto the cloud. It will run exactly as your existing Desktop does except at lightning speed, with superfast processing and 1000Mb connectivity.


Achieve the highest levels of security and compliance with robust backups and stringent security management.


Increase productivity across your business with 24/7 access and 99.9% up-time using any device wherever you are


Improve your IT infrastructure and reduce the burden of ongoing IT investment. All for one low monthly price


Give your business the competitive advantage with cloud services that grow and evolve alongside you.
  • In many occupations such as real estate, transportation, agriculture, construction, and home repair, employees spend more time away from the office than in the office. Employees can access their virtual desktops from mobile devices such as an iPad, Android tablets, or smart phones, making them productive when not at their desk.
  • In many professions such as information technology and internet marketing, companies use outsourced workers or encourage employees to work from off-site locations, or from their homes, and at times from the office. Our virtual desktops ensure that your workers enjoy the same familiar virtual desktop and installed applications everywhere, with their data safe and backed up in the Cloud.
  • Many businesses have seasonal variation in their workforce size. Accountants need more workers during tax time and retailers during the holiday peak season. If your business hires seasonal workers or part-time consultants, you can easily provision our virtual desktops with applications for the need of the moment, and decommission when no longer required.
  • You can provision virtual desktops for developers and designers with their favorite applications and tools installed. Work is easily monitored and the developed code remains safely on the virtual desktops.

The construction industry relies on a mobile workforce, but managing complex projects and teams can be complicated. As a result, jobs are often thwarted due to problems caused by geographic limitations and information gaps. With the hosted desktop, there is a better way. Providing immediate access to enterprise-level informational tools, processes and data are streamlined, and communication is enhanced.

Boost communication

Our hosted desktop services help businesses, contractors and clients to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. Providing everyone with all the information they need, in real-time, whenever and wherever they are, we facilitate successful project management and ensure more jobs are completed on time and on budget.

Reduce your costs

Our hosted desktop solutions offer a practical way of reducing costs, with all the applications you need delivered to your devices, for one competitive monthly fee. Easy to upgrade or add new software, you can scale up (or down) as needed. So you only ever pay for what you use.

Maximise efficiencies

The hosted desktop helps mobile construction workers to do their jobs in the most efficient manner possible. For example, they can check their emails no matter when and where they are. Likewise, with a hosted desktop from Riptec, mobile employees can access critical files without any fuss.

Make your business smarter

With a hosted desktop, all the files and data you require are instantly available. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. This means users can access business data from any device, even if they aren’t in the office. By bringing together processes and data, the hosted desktop delivers enhanced management information in real-time. This can lead to more informed decision making, and even create opportunities for new revenue streams.

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Virtual Windows PC
£19/per month
8 vCPU Cores / 3.79 GHz
4Gb Memory
250Gb Storage
Windows Professional Licence
Dedicated IP Address
Min 250Mbps bandwidth (Up to 1Gbs)
Windows Pro 10 Interface - Multi Language


One Off £20 Set-up Fee Applies

All Inclusive Bundles - Co Formation, Web, Virtual PC & Communications

Whatever stage your start-up is at, choose a bundle to suit. Our services our unique and unavailable anywhere else and at prices that won´t break the bank.
£17/per month
Domain, Web Hosting, Web Design Tools & Email Account
UK City Number
Unlimited National Calls
Fully Featured Switchboard
Low cost international call rates

SAVING*: £10 Set-Up - £3pm

One Off £30 Set-up Fee Applies
Savings over purchasing as individual items
/per month
Same as Bronze
Company Formation

SAVING*: £25 Set-Up - £3pm

One Off £40 Set-up Fee Applies
Savings over purchasing as individual items
/per month
Same as Bronze
Virtual PC

SAVING*: £25 Set-Up - £3pm

One Off £35 Set-up Fee Applies
Savings over purchasing as individual items
/per month
Same as Bronze
Company Formation
Virtual PC

SAVING*: £40 Set-Up - £3pm

One Off £45 Set-up Fee Applies
Savings over purchasing as individual items

Pay monthly, cancel any time
No hidden costs or extra call charges
Nothing to install, instant access