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Today’s freelance, gig economy is getting more and more competitive. To stay ahead in the game, you need flexible communication solutions that can fit around you. Having a second phone line dedicated to your consultancy work is a must, setting you apart from the rest and giving you pivotal advantage.



Keep costs down

freelance savingsYou don´t need to have a second phone or a physical landline connected to your office, which are both expensive and inconvenient.

A second phone number dedicated to your business is all you need.

Starting at just £2 per month and available with call forwarding, outbound calling and PBX switchboard features, all on your personal mobile phone.

Stay ahead of the curve

freelance curveTechnology has changed how we communicate. The mobile phone itself and a host of communications solutions like whatsapp and skype have changed the face of communications forever.

Mobile multi-numbering is the latest enhancement, allowing users to make and receive calls and messages from various phone numbers all on one mobile phone. It is secure, inexpensive, convenient and helps the environment by not having to carry multiple mobile phones or manage desk phones.

Add as many virtual phone numbers as you need, one for each part of your life and enjoy the next communications revolution.

Keep your personal number private

freelance privateUsing your personal number for business is inviting conflict and inefficiency into your life.

For exactly the same reasons you have separate email addresses for work and personal communications you need separate phone numbers.

Once your personal phone number is in the public domain, there is no telling how it might be abused.

Separating work and personal numbers puts you in control of when and how you answer calls.

Look every bit the professional you are

freelance proA personal mobile phone number is okay in this new modern mobile world, but a dedicated landline number says so much more.

More importantly, knowing whether it's a call from a mate or an important client call will give you every opportunity to respond professionally.

If you are not available to take the call, simply forward to an answering service or professional Voicemail, so at least you never miss those important calls.