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Optional Extras

Call Answering

Make sure all your calls are answered by a real person. Professional call answering is available for any calls that you can't answer yourself. Criteria can be set based on days of week and time of day as well as other conditions to give you complete control over how your calls are answered. High quality service at an affordable price.

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Call Recording

Depending on your requirements we can record all your calls, both received and made including those through your mobile phone. We can supply MiFID II compliant recording, with long term storage, encryption and retrieval.

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CYOD Scheme

We provide the missing piece of the jigsaw when it comes to BYOD by enabling users to make and receive calls from their work numbers keeping their personal mobile numbers secure. Our Govt. backed CYOD scheme allows employees to choose new handsets at heavily discounted rates with a 24 month payment plan and full loss, theft and accident insurance.

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